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Audio Imaging Services.

Audio Imaging Services is you're one-stop-shop for voice overs and everything audio. Providing a range of fixed packages and custom options for those who require anything from basic dry voice liners to full audio branding, audio soundscapes, audio description and guides, voice and beds for automated phone systems and more. We can provide audio for anyone. DJ’s, podcasters, broadcasters, radio stations of every size pro or voluntary, businesses and individuals of every description, audio book and play writers and everyone in-between. If you want to announce to the world who you are or if you just want an audio introduction on your website, we can do it.
Would you like something voiced in another language besides English? We offer a range of languages from French to Scottish Gaelic and if you are a bit lost for words, we have a script writing service too. Our fixed packages start at £5.00. For our custom options, please fill in the relevant form on the Place Your Order. page for a quote. Please try to provide us with as many details as possible.
We look forward to working with you and bringing your audio visions to life.

Introduction to Audio Imaging Services

In late 2013 . What started out as Claire Bland's dream, turned in to an idea, the seed grew and in early 2014 plans began to be drawn up and the website started being built. Since then, Audio Imaging Services has developed and continues to go from strength to strength. The team of people involved has grown too. Each member of the team brings their own set of skills wether it's Audio production, Speaking a different language or writing scripts. It's all invaluable. That's what makes Audio Imaging Services work and able to offer the range of packages and custom options.

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